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Are you ready to learn something new?

As the job marketplace changes, so are the skills needed to obtain and maintain these jobs. Therefore, deciding on the right learning path is essential to your career growth. You will have access to all your learning resources from the Next Deployment Career Resource (NDRC), where you’ll also receive training videos and research tools to help with all aspects of your career transition. Feel free to access them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Become a better You through one of our Partners:

We partner with Fyt2Live, a woman-owned and women-led self-care community, to offer Mindset Coaching, Mindfulness Resiliency Coaching (yoga, meditation, journaling), Health & Wellness Coaching, Career Coaching, and Financial Literacy Coaching. So if you are looking for a community where you have a safe space to learn and grow… this is the place for you!  This community is for women looking to show up for themselves better than they have been. Start today:


Have you heard of the Agile Methodology? How about Salesforce or JavaScript? Let us put you in contact with one of our partners to get you set up for success!   

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