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Getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers can be complicated. Whether this is your first time transitioning careers or you have run through the routine a few times (you know… the sleeplessness nights or the countless revisions to your resume in hopes that someone will give you a chance), you will find that the hiring process is changing.

The Next Deployment Career Support Team will assist you in learning about your strengths and preferences, adding new skills, creating a marketable professional document, and now preparing you to connect with great opportunities. Coupled with the new makeover of your LinkedIn® profile, let us help you stand out to potential employers.

Are you familiar with the most common interview questions asked? Are you comfortable speaking to your new resume that we revised for you? Before it is time to interview, your coach will assist you in sharpening your interview skills to best convey the value you can bring to potential employers.

In addition, our Team will operate on your behalf to connect your resumes with recruiters who may have open positions they need to fill. And do not forget that once you land your next role, whether within a new company or a promotion within your current organization, contact us again after six (6) months from completing your resume to update your resume with the latest information. In this deal, you will win every time!  

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