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  • Is this service only for veterans?

  • No, although all of our team members are affiliated somehow with the military (e.g., veteran, dependent, or work), our clients come from ALL industries, skill sets, and experience levels.

  • How do I get started with the free resume review?   

  • Please fill out the information on our Contact Page and be on the lookout for a follow-up email. From there, fill out all of the information in the attached form to include uploading your most recent resume. From there, we will schedule a free consult with you via phone or video conferencing to see how we can help you. From there, you can choose which career packages that best suit your needs.  

  • 1 Free Resume Update!! How does that work?  

  • Once promoted or starting a new job, we will add the latest information to the existing resume after six (6) months of completion of your final resume date with Next Deployment. Just contact us, and we will update the previously written resume we have on file. If you would like a private sector resume from your federal resume (or vice versa) or career change, we can discount it. Give us a call!

  • Do you offer other services besides resume revisions and LinkedIn Updates?    

  • Yes, we offer career coaching, access to career assessments and personality tests to understand your needs better, training/education guidance, and we provide access to various coaches and recruiters to help you along the way.  Please navigate through our four E’s (Explore, Educate, Empower, and Engage) to learn more.  

  • What should I expect during the mock interview?

  • During the mock interview, we will go through several common interview questions, questions specific to the job/industry you are applying towards, review best practices, tips on navigating the interview process, and provide honest and constructive feedback to help boost your confidence. The entire session will be recorded and delivered to you upon completion of the mock interview, along with the interview questions, your answers, and the feedback provided, if any. ve us a call!

  • How does the LinkedIn Optimization process work?

  • We will optimize your LinkedIn profile to gain more visibility. Here are the steps we will take to accomplish this: 1.) we will set up an initial call to understand expectations/needs and review the resume for content/accomplishment clarification. 2.) Create a draft LinkedIn profile outline via PDF utilizing your experiences and achievements from your resume and the information provided. 3.) Develop three (3) graphics for the profile banner with your name, title and/or branding statement (suggestions are welcomed). 4.) Gain approval from the client and apply changes to the LinkedIn profile. 5.) Any additional changes are to be submitted within seven (7) business days before closing out the project.  

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Our Testimonials

Ms. Connolly is worth her weight in gold.  She is an excellent writer and her ability to pull what a future employer is looking for as she crafts a resume is unmatched. I would recommend her to not only transitioning military but to anyone that is looking to switch careers, rebrand themselves, or simply sharpen their resume. Her resume and LinkedIn update have produced immediate results for me. Ms. Connolly is well worth the investment.

Larry K.

I truly appreciate the great work you've done with my resume. It looks great! I feel a lot more confident with what you've provided. The wording is immaculate, and the language is articulable for employers to digest.

Jarelle E.

I have received PREMIER service and will happily refer anyone to utilize this company, the professionalism, turnaround time is by far the BEST!

Cheryl F.

...thank you!! I really appreciate your time and knowledge. You did an outstanding job on my resume and I feel better prepared after the mock interview. This service was priceless...

Gerardo R.

After retiring from civil service after 31 years, I started working my dream job at TSU. I could not have done it without your help and am forever grateful for your assistance!

Dr. Ballard of TSU

I know I have said it before, but I am truly grateful for all the assistance and time both of you have provided me. I was interviewed yesterday at a local clinic for a receptionist position and begin working in two weeks! I couldn't have done it without your help!

Crystal S.

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