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Can you hear me now? (Phone Interviews)

For those of you in the job market (or networking), here is a quick and easy tip on how to win during an interview:

For an interview conducted over the phone, have a mirror in front of you so that you can see the expression on your face while you speak. Why you ask???

You Can Hear a Smile 😃👂!!!

And when You do... You want to smile back!!! 😁

Who wouldn't want to work with a happy person? And during a job interview, you should sound happy because your resume got you to the next level in the hiring process, and now they want to meet the person behind all of this awesomeness! 🤩. Furthermore, if you seem like you are in a great mood, it should help the interviewer to bring it down a notch 😊.

Can they really hear me smiling?? Short answer: YES 👍! Try it now while reading this out loud. So as a friendly reminder to help show those pearly whites, have a mirror in front of you!

Do not forget to breathe, remember your points (basic information, education/training, accomplishments, and desire), and shine like the star you are 🌟!!

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