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Leave the Light On!

The LAMP Method.... List, Alumni, Motivation, and Posting. What does this have to do with job searching or career transitions? Here's the short version... Introduced by Mr. Steve Dalton, a Senior Career Consultant, to help job seekers streamline the process in 4 simple steps in under 2 hours. Crazy, right? Here we go!

Compile a List of potential employers (40 minutes). Who do you want to work for? Do their values align with yours? What does the news say about the leaders or their corporate social responsibility (if that is what matters to you)? Is the company stagnant or is it working on the next version of flying cars? And try to be realistic 🙃. Whatever it is that gives you butterflies, write the company name down... and as many as possible.

Identify the Alumni employers (10 minutes). Me, I always defer to LinkedIn to see who works for what company... it is easy. For those not as familiar with LinkedIn, Mr. Dalton suggests that you use your university's alumni database and stalk them from there. But not everyone falls into the category and LinkedIn is accessible to anyone. There is also your personal network (family and friends). See who you can reach out to later with questions.

Assess your Motivation (5 minutes). This one kind of goes back to step 1, List. How much do you really want to work for these folks? You know, values... benefits... job progression... all that stuff! Now rank each from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. It should go quick since you looked up the companies 15 minutes ago ⬆️.

Classify the Postings (15 minutes). Show Me the Job Announcement!! I'm sure that is not what Cuba Gooding Jr said in Jerry McGuire, but you know where I'm going with this! Go back to the List, look up open positions on their company website, Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, USAJobs, Zip Recruiter, Clearance Jobs, etc. Wherever it may be, write down 3 things. 1) The Job Title. 2) The Job Announcement URL. 3) And a few words to jog your memory about the job.

There you go! You have a list... people to reach out to... ranking on if you really want to pursue this... and job announcements that could be your golden ticket! So remember... LAMP!! Leave the light on 💡💡

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