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Dear John... (My Resignation Letter)

Jobs are like relationships... you get into it because it looked attractive, the benefits were great, the people were always smiling, and they have their own barista that serves the best caramel latte with whipped cream and toffee sprinkles (in your face, Starbucks 😝)!

But as time goes on, you start to see their ugly side. You’re working harder and not getting the compliments you used to get, your beaux (supervisor) is constantly nagging, and let’s not talk about the last time you got some... latte that is! They cut off the barista in the annual budget cuts. Well, damn... why stay?! 😫

Now you’re starting to check out other job positions late at night on incognito mode, comparing benefit packages and reading Glassdoor comments. Ooohhh it’s so tempting to go... but are you ready 🤔? You would have to start all over, but maybe it is time for a fresh start... So you clean up your resume, set up your dating profile (LinkedIn), and wait for the first recruiter to just say... “hello”! That’s all it takes... but no one is swiping right.😔... yeah, sad face!

But after a long look at yourself, figure out how this good thing went bad (minus the barista, you had no control over that... damn you, Starbucks!). Consider talking to your current beaux (supervisor) and see if you all can work things out. If not, seek professional counseling to prepare you for your next great catch 🥰. We are here to help. You deserve it!!

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