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Just say "NO"... nicely

Ever turned down a job offer? Especially a job that you applied for, spent hours preparing for, and interview after interview... you better get this job!

However, for whatever reason, you have to turn it down. Say that you received a better job offer (hopefully, you were applying for multiple jobs), you decided not to leave your current job because they offered you something you couldn't refuse), or you changed your mind (that does happen). But how do you turn it down without burning any bridges?! Here are a few tips in doing so: 👍 Say "Thank You"! Show your appreciation for the hiring manager and HR team taking time out of their schedule to review your resume, contact you, interview you (and probably many others), and then choosing YOU! They probably like you, so try to keep it that way! There are so many times that I have heard others say that they had the company come back and say that if the applicant changes their mind, the job offer is still on the table. It may not be common across all industries, but you never know who you may need for employment later on. 👍 Tell them why you're turning it down, but keep it short. Whether after careful consideration, you decided to take another position or you decided to stay at your current job... whatever it is, give them that common courtesy.

👍 Keep in contact with them. If you think you may cross paths again, mention you will see them around. If you don't plan to ever see them again, wish them the best in finding a candidate or "all the best" in general. Just be nice... it goes a long way. 👍 Remember to do what is best for YOU... not the company! They will find someone else, don't worry. There is no need to stress yourself... just say NO, but say it nicely lol. Good luck out there!

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